Who is who in the Imelsa case

Who is who in the Imelsa case

So far, the case Imelsa case that investigates the alleged plot of corruption infiltrated in several public administrations of the Valencian Community and that affects exdirigentes of the PP has resulted in 24 arrests, eight of them charges of PP, but there is at least 29 investigated (imputed). In addition, 250 bank accounts have been intervened and 33 records have been practiced simultaneously throughout the community to ensure that evidence is not destroyed. In addition, there are 13 businessmen and two architects among the detainees, in addition to an ex-adviser of the popular group in the Valencia City Council.

The operation was coordinated by Judge Víctor Gómez, but up to eight other courts of support participated in it, so that the records were carried out with all the guarantees for the detainees. All the detainees declare this Wednesday before the Court of Instruction number 18 of Valencia for crimes such as administrative prevarication, misappropriation of public funds, influence peddling, bribery and money laundering. This is the list of the political charges involved that must be brought to justice

After 32 years in politics – twenty of them leading organic and institutional responsibilities – the former president of the Diputación de Valencia was suspended from membership and removed from the PP presidency of the province of Valencia last May, only 22 days of a municipal elections in which the PP lost its mayoralty, that of Xàtiva.

The Imelsa case, in which since July 2014 an alleged corrupt plot of commission charges was investigated in this public company of the Provincial Council of Valencia in charge of managing forestry or environmental activities, was the trigger that led Rus to be removed from the politics. Recordings known in the framework of this investigation, in which allegedly counted money from commissions – the already famous “two million peles” (two million ‘pelas’) – led the PP to suspend him from militancy. In his few public statements since then, Rus assured that that recording was “total lie”, that there was a “plot” against him.

Rus, born in Xativa (Valencia) 65 years ago, accumulated a political background of twenty years at the head of the mayor of his hometown, thanks to five absolute majorities that tried to revalidate in the local elections last May, that the PP lost in that town of 30,000 inhabitants.

To that municipal responsibility had added in 2004 the presidency of the Popular Party of the province of Valencia and in 2007 the presidency of the Diputación de Valencia, while the last legislature occupied a seat in Les Corts Valencianes.

This Valencian businessman, who initially devoted himself to music, then became promoter of concerts, went to the appliance trade and finally presided over a furniture merchant, started with 33 years in politics, in which he progressed with a populist discourse and sometimes away from the official line of the PP.

Maximum Caturla

Maximum Caturla

Former Vice-president of the Diputación de Valencia. He resigned from all his positions last May, after the PP accepted his request for the precautionary suspension of militancy. In some recordings, dialogue would appear with Marcos Benavent, manager of the public company of the Diputación de Valencia Imelsa, on the collection of commissions for awarding contracts. He was a counselor in the public company Ciegsa and regional secretary of Education.

Caturla is a man of numbers. Economist by profession, he was second vice president and responsible for the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčEconomy and Finance and deputy spokesman of the Diputación since July 2007, but he was also Councilor for Education, Culture and Internal Affairs of the City Council of Fontanars dels Alforins since that same date. It is related to the Serratosa family and in that municipality of the Valle de Albaida region it has a big house, land and the Kiki tomato preserves factory.

The ex-manager has held the position of regional secretary of Education of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports from 2003 to 2007; Undersecretary for the Resources of the Ministry of Health from 1999 to 2003 and General Director of Budgets of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Public Administration from 1995 to 1999.

Vicente Burgos

Former Director of the Jaume II El Just Foundation, a cultural association whose aims are the recovery, enhancement, use and dissemination of Valencian historical heritage, particularly the monumental complex of the Monastery of Santa María de la Valldigna. It is also exmarido of María José Alcón, one of the main detainees of this operation. This woman was councilor of Culture of the City council of Valencia.

Burgos left this body created by the Generalitat with a debt of about nine million euros for its excessive management. He directed the foundation since 2003, was dismissed from office after a loud discussion with the Minister of Culture, Trini Miró, in November 2007, although his departure was presented as a resignation. The PP picked it up for the campaign team of the 2008 general election.

He was former president of New Generations of the PP, attracted the organization in his days as a law student to Francisco Camps, Esteban Gonzalez Pons and Gerardo Camps, with whom he formed the Clan del Agujero, in reference to the name of the bar they were regulars.

Ex-boss of the cabinet of Alfonso Rus and ex-mayor of Genovés for 10 years (Valencia), about which a supposed conversation with him was shared with Benavent in which he would talk about obtaining money from an urban project.

MªCarmen García Fuster has been the right hand of Rita Barberá in the City

MªCarmen García Fuster has been the right hand of Rita Barberá in the City

Council of Valencia during the 24 years in which the latter had the Mayor’s Office. Secretary of the popular group in the City of Valencia since 1991, is in charge of the accounts of the popular municipal group. She is the sister of José Rafael García-Fuster, ex-senator of the PP and former counselor of Banco Financiero y de Ahorros (BFA), a financial institution resulting from the merger of Bankia, Bancaja and other savings banks. The police investigate your emails and after being arrested at your home.