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The agrarian sector will demand on November 18 before the Xunta measures against drought and climate change

The agrarian sector will demand on November 18 before the Xunta measures against drought and climate change

The Galician agrarian sector will be concentrated on November 18 before the Xunta, in Santiago de Compostela, to demand measures against the adverse meteorological phenomena affecting the countryside caused by climate change – such as drought – as well as to denounce the “cluster of absurdities” that the Consellería de Medio Rural carries out.

Unions Agrarias (UU.AA.) summons this protest after the diverse mobilizations that it has realized in the province of Ourense in the last months by this reason, whereas in the next days it will celebrate assemblies in the affected town halls that will end at a central protest the November 18th.

In this regard, the leader of Unións Agrarias, Roberto García, explains that it is claimed: direct aid for those affected, bonuses in Social Security contributions, support for the contracting of agricultural insurance with a 60% financing of the policies, as well as as “ending the persecution” of Hacienda to producers.

Thus, the head of Agriculture of the union, José Ramón González, has remarked that “the ground zero” of the drought in Galicia is in the central massif Ourense, but points out that affects the entire province of Ourense and also the mountain of Lugo



Roberto García recalls the “very important” damages for sectors such as the vineyard, potato, chestnut and honey, as well as the lack of pastures in the Galician countryside due to the drought.

Here, accuses the Xunta to devote himself only to a campaign of “propaganda” and “announce things that are not done.” It sets an example of 10 million euros in announced loans that “stay at 500,000 euros” and from which livestock farms are excluded.

It also complains that the 1.4 million euros that the Xunta offers for the restructuring of vineyards are “EU funds” that have been distributed since 2010, and it is even a “smaller” item than other years, while it will only arrive to wineries and not to small wine growers.

In addition, the leader of Unions Agrarias warns that despite the commitments of the conselleira de Medio Rural, Angeles Vázquez, to promote agricultural insurance, the Xunta allocated “the same budget” as other years.


Along with this, puts into question the policy of “zero taxes” in the rural that promotes the Xunta, since it warns of an “unprecedented action” in Galicia of the Tax Agency against the Galician exploitations.

For this, he has provided documentation that rejects issues such as “the famous announcement by the president (Feijóo) that the swaps are exempt from taxes.”

Thus, censure that the Treasury, “in a tortuous manner,” requires to declare as income the swap of farms. “Which means that if I change a farm with my neighbor, we are falling to my neighbor and me an inspection of the Treasury, forcing us to declare as income in this exercise the value of the farm that swap”, as an example.

He also warns that last year the Ministry of Rural Environment passed to the Treasury about 8,000 transfers of single payment rights of EU funds that were made between individuals, “without differentiating those who sold them to speculators of those who simply They were passed from parents to children. ” Therefore, before a question that involves a free transfer, the Treasury carries out “generalized inspections” to claim a contract of sale that does not exist and to declare the IRPF and VAT, “a thing without meaning”.

In fact, you get to the “esperpento” of a case of a farmer who gives the rights to the State, but “then comes Finance” and tells him to “pay the income tax and VAT.”

Finally, he puts the case of a young man who was forced to pay “26,000 euros” to modify the installation of the electric network to expand the power in his operation, despite the fact that the administration pays the electricity companies for the maintenance of the lines.



On the other hand, the leader of Unións Agrarias, Roberto García, has shown doubts about the data considered by regulatory boards of denominations of origin in a year of frost and hail, which he considers “fictitious” because “the accounts do not come out”.

For this reason, it will demand an “internal commission” in the denominations of origin that allow to contrast the grapes collected by the growers with the data reflected with the purchases of the wineries.