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Money and the impact of retirement

Monday, 9 in the morning and Julieta goes through the doors of the office that has seen her grow and with her, her professional career also did. This is a day like any other, during the morning there was no news or anything out of the ordinary. Everything happened like any other Monday, her husband went to work and the children to their respective daily activities, Julieta was happy of the family that managed to consolidate and of course, to continue being active within the labor area in a company that also has shared so much with her.


Julieta’s happiness translates into gratitude towards the company and also, infidelity for the following years. She knows that her retirement, although it seems not so close, is approaching, however, she does not feel any inconvenience in continuing within the company. On the contrary, the relationship she has had with her co-workers and with her bosses has been totally gratifying during all the years that she has been part of the team.


Julieta is a 55-year-old woman, every day she feels full of energy since she considers that she lives her life in a very happy way, besides that she has a great passion for her work and enjoys attending every day to perform the activities that have pending. Everyone in the company knows her well, she tries to have a good relationship with each of the people who work in different areas of the company. It shows that his coworkers feel a great appreciation to her because since she arrives, everyone greets her.


During that Monday everything seemed normal, there was no event that worried her or that made her think of a “Different” scenario, but after midday, things changed. It was 12:30 pm when her current boss sent her to her office. This was not unusual because the working relationship they had was pretty good and close, Julieta reported everything directly, so the call did not cause any kind of intrigue or fear.


When Juliet found herself inside her boss’s office and closed the door, he asked her to please take a seat. Her face was different and she noticed it, she had known him for many years to ignore that detail, at that moment when Julieta began to feel a strange sensation in her body. The first thing he thought about was some mistake made, of course, despite having been in the company for so many years it was probably still happening, time does not make us exempt. It was also a time when changes in the administration were common within government institutions and each triennium or six-year period was like playing Russian roulette. Julieta had overcome so many “changes” that really was what occupied her mindless, so she decided to smile waiting for the news.


After an uncomfortable silence, his boss spoke and began to explain the current situation with a different and even nervous tone of voice. He began to give passive explanations, “Julieta, as you know there are changes in the government and then, we must give way to the new generations” “Your work has been impeccable during these years, however, the order comes from above, and unfortunately we will have to do without your services, I hope you understand, if you like you can go to Human Resources for your check, if you have any questions, I’m here to serve you.


For Julieta it was a shock, it was evident that with this news many of her plans came down at any moment. In his head only the idea of “Now what am I going to do?” “At my age, things are not so easy”. She was fully aware that her age prevented her from finding job opportunities so easily. Her boss told her that it was necessary to start her retirement process as soon as possible, for Julieta this news was worse than a bucket of cold water since she also lacked several years to retire with a higher percentage of pension.


This news was a great blow for his presence but also for his future, especially talking about finance and the family economy. Julieta had no choice and a few months later, she was retired as a forced cause and also, receiving income far below what she had planned.


The situation of Juliet although it seems only a story surely has happened more than once and now there are many similar cases. Retirement can be a stage of life that comes suddenly because of a work problem or perhaps, a health problem for which, the time to prepare and plan the new project is cut. When this happens, the impact of retirement is even greater.


Not only do we make reference to the psychological impact, which as we already know and we have spoken on previous occasions, withdrawing from working life is always hard for people, especially when they spent long years of their lives in a company that gave them so much. But of course, stop working also has a drastic impact on the economy because even if you have a pension or perhaps, at best, considerable savings, it is also true that the desire to enjoy and the moments to do so increase, which requires more money invested.


That is why if you did not have enough time to plan your retirement and make savings, you may feel sad and feel a sense of dissatisfaction, which, being retirement a stage considered as “A second life” in which you should only enjoy, under no circumstances should you feel this way.


For those moments there is the possibility of requesting a financial loan to continue enjoying all the moments that life offers you. No matter the reason why you are now retired, what you should do is start creating a plan with which you can see the actions to be carried out in the future. You can also apply for a loan and invest it in a better way so that finally, you get a return on investment, so it will be practically certain that this new stage of your life will not have any negative effect on your economy.