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Pokemon Towering Pokemon Towering

Move your mouse on the crystals (which must have the same color) to create a tower fusion. It will explode if you let the crystals with different colors run to each other.
Pokemon Killer Pokemon Killer

Hello John, glad you could make it... anyway I got a job for you. I want you to go to the land of the Pokegay and kill every single one you see. And make sure that the Pinkagay and Jigglypuff aren't walking when you leave.
Pokemon Shooter Pokemon Shooter

A funny game with funny story about Pokemon and Pikachu. They carry bombs on their back and that explode after three seconds.
Pokemon Name Puzzle Pokemon Name Puzzle

Do you know all the Pokemon name in this game? If you do, you would be mastered in Pokemon. And if you don't, you can learn them through this game.
Pokemon Pong Game Pokemon Pong Game

Pokemon is collecting small chickens by throw the magic ball to the eggs. This is kind of player pong game.
Pokedex Pokedex

Throw the ball the Pokemon has to the ball with same color, you will earn point for each 3 balls with same color.
Pokemon Coloring Page Pokemon Coloring Page

Painting the Pokemons with various colors. There are three table of colors to choose.
Elephant Game Elephant Game

Help the little bird stay away from the elephant's leg.
Bowling for animals Bowling for animals

Click the mouse to roll your ball down lane. You will bowl the best when the power meter on the left is filled to the top. Move your mouse left and right to move the character.
Pokemon Cards Game Pokemon Cards Game

Select two cards that match the Pokemon images. You should play many times to find your best score.
Kill Pikachu Kill Pikachu

In the hills beyond Cerulean City... Thousands of Pikachu are flying. Your mission is to kill as much Pikachu as possible. You must have 30 kills to continue the next level.
Pokemon Cards Puzzle Pokemon Cards Puzzle

There are 35 cards to remember their positions. Try to discover what is behind the cards. It's not easy because it not only require your memory, it also require your imagination.


Nightmare Escape Nightmare Escape

You are in a room with blood everywhere. There is a blood message on the wall: "You are the next". Clues are: a wooden stick, a towel, a rope, a magnet, a wine bottle...
Green Room Escape Green Room Escape

Yesterday as you drank you praised yourself that you can escape any room. Sorry buddy but I decided to test you. This is why I got up early and locked you in my room. Hope you got over your hangover and are ready to play the game. I bet you cannot escape
Escape the comming train Escape the comming train

Your mission is to escape the cage before the train arrives. Use object from the cage to find the way out. Hurry up!
Tomb of Doom Tomb of Doom

There's a Tomb under the sand of the desert. Can you escape this tomb?
Escape a strange room Escape a strange room

Damn it! I just get up ,and i find I was in a strange room. There is no food no water, only a door but it's locked, gotta get out of here.
Escape the Orange Room Escape the Orange Room

Yesterday, you offered me your hand in marriage. I need a dependable and clever man in my life, so escape my room to see if you are that man. This letter from Barbie
Heist v1 Heist v1

Press W,S,A,D keys to move your character, walk to the lockers, face them and press to Q search for items. You can also use Q to open doors, use card items and search for things. When you got a gun, press E to active and use the mouse to shoot. Good luck!
The lost Inca The lost Inca

Control: X to change Mark Ability, Z to switch Mark or Jason. Up + Space to throw the ropes up (and vice verca). C to pick the ropes. Press Space for Mark to make the bridge. There are some traps: Broken Floor, Switch, Fallen Rock.
Curse of Anubis Curse of Anubis

Help Scooby and Shaggy find their way out when the Ghost of Anubis is chasing them. Reach the Exit Square and get out of the chamber. Remember to avoid sand traps.
The Doors The Doors

I don't know where I am . I don't know what I'm doing here, I just I have to get out... Find the clues and escape the house.
Escape the Pink room Escape the Pink room

I can't live with you anymore. You're a crazy lazy alcoholic! Yesterday you drunk too much, took your gun out and started shooting everywhere! You have gone mad and I had enough of you! I hid your gun and locked the door. I called the police and they prom
The Unforgiven Room The Unforgiven Room

Ahh... my head, I can't remember a thing... Help me get get out of here. First, find the switch and turn on the light.
    About Pokemon Free Games
  • Pokemon Games is collecting all the best free Pokemon Games and Escape Games (known as Point and Click Games). What are the differents?
    Pokemon Flash Games are fun games with many cute game characters.
    But Escape Games are very hard, they use both your mind and your eyes.
    Some people may feel suck about these kind of games, some others think there's no way to escape.
    Escape Games often have no story: One day, you wake up, you remember nothing.... and all the doors are locked, you must find and require the clues to escape. Your mind have to be very smart and patient (important).
  • Are you ready to play games at Pokemon Free Games?
  • If you finish a level or a game, please don't hesitate to write comments to guide others.

Room Escape Games

Gina Lash Gina Lash

If Gina cannot move try using an object from your inventory or dropping it by clicking the object in your inventory.
Mog House Escape Mog House Escape

This is a Japanese game, but I'm sure you can escape this Mog Room.
Escape The Prison Escape The Prison

There is always a way to escape from a room, even you are in prison!
Fun House Escape Fun House Escape

This is an easy escape games in Hermie Heckles' house. If you get stuck in a room, try using the clue book in the lower right corner at the screen.
Bank Robbery Bank Robbery

Are you interested in finding the way to get the money from the bank?
La Tour de Londres La Tour de Londres

Use left and right arrow keys to walk to the left or right. Up to jump and Down to crouch. Space use for an action like open a door, pick a lock, hit an opponent. If you can't escape from barrow, follow these keys order: Up, Right Down, Up, Right, Down .
Escape the bathroom Escape the bathroom

One day, you wake up and you found that you are in a bathroom, the only door is locked. The clues are in place...
Shanghai Pagoda Shanghai Pagoda

Harry was captured by Wizard-Eunuque in a pagoda, help him escape before the dangerous dragon blocks the exits.
Escape the lighthouse Escape the lighthouse

Help this boy rescue his grandfather from the lighthouse.
Easy Escape Game Easy Escape Game

Are you tired of very other hard escape the room games. If you can't escape this room, you can never play any escape games :D. Find 10 keys and 2 pieces of letter with the password.
Escape a Aztec temple Escape a Aztec temple

Houdini - The Temple of Serpents - In this game, harry and his assistant Margaret have to escape from an Aztec temple, facing booby traps, deadly scorpions and guards.
SuperMarket Theft SuperMarket Theft

Help a theft escape the supermarket safety after collecting enough items.

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